I Am John Smith
Being John Smith

The problem with being John Smith is that there are alot of us - not just those of us still living but those who have lived too. There are famous John Smith’s and not so famous John Smith’s. There are John Smith’s who aren’t real people but are fictional or even a person - there even a beer called John Smith.

In order to stand out from this crowd, I use the “Contact Button" by WikiWorldBook, an online address book. This enables me to be:

  • both contacted by email (whilst hiding my email address)
  • and also to display my social links - my online identity.

Once you click the email icon on the button’s dropdown menu, the contact form opens on the same page. An easy to follow Tumblr Button Visual Guide makes installation simple.

You can see what I mean about my name below…

United States

J. Gregory Smith (1818–1891), 28th Governor of Vermont

J. Hyatt Smith (1824–1886), United States representative from New York’s 3rd Congressional District

John Ambler Smith (1847–1892), United States representative from Virginia

John Armstrong Smith (1814–1892), United States representative from Ohio

John Butler Smith (1838–1914), 52nd Governor of New Hampshire

John Cotton Smith (1765–1845), eighth Governor of Connecticut

John Eugene Smith (1816–1897), Swiss emigrant, Union general during the Civil War

John Hugh Smith, Mayor of Nashville, Tennessee, three times between 1845 and 1865

John Joseph Smith (1904–1980), United States representative from Connecticut and Federal judge

John Lee Smith (1894–1963), Lieutenant Governor of Texas

John Lyman Smith (fl. 1852–53), member of the 2nd Utah Territorial Legislature

John M. C. Smith (1853–1923), United States representative from Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District

John Quincy Smith (1824–1901), United States representative from Ohio’s 3rd Congressional District

John Smith (Illinois), Lieutenant Governor of Illinois

John Smith (New York) (1752–1816), United States senator from New York

John Smith (Ohio Senator) (1735–1824), United States senator from Ohio

John Smith (Vermont) (1789–1858), United States representative from Vermont’s 4th Congressional District

John Smith (Virginia) (1750–1836), United States representative from Virginia’s 3rd Congressional District

John Smith (Virginia burgess) (1620–63), Virginia colonial politician

John Smith of Jamestown (c.1580–1631), helped found the Virginia Colony and became Colonial Governor of Virginia

John Speed Smith (1792–1854), United States representative from Kentucky

John T. Smith (congressman) (fl. 1843–45), United States representative from Pennsylvania’s 3rd Congressional District

John Walter Smith (1845–1925), 44th Governor of Maryland

Jonathan Bayard Smith (1742–1812), Pennsylvania Continental Congress delegate


John Smith (Chancellor of the Exchequer), English Chancellor of the Exchequer and Speaker of the House of Commons, 1705–1708

John Smith (Conservative politician) (1923–2007), former member of Parliament for the Cities of London and Westminster

John Smith (English statesman), commissioner of the English Treasury, 1694–1695

John Smith (Manchester politician), councillor in the City of Manchester

John Smith (Welsh politician) (born 1951), Welsh politician and Labour Party member of Parliament

John Smith (Wendover MP) (1767–1842), member of Parliament for Wendover

John Smith (Labour Party leader) (1938–1994), leader of the British Labour Party

John Smith, Baron Kirkhill, life peer in the House of Lords

Other countries

John Hope Smith, 19th century governor of colonial Ghana

John Valentine Smith (1824–1895), New Zealand politician

John Thomas Smith (1816-1879), Australian politician

John Smith (Kent MPP), member of the 1st Ontario Legislative Assembly, 1867–1871

John Smith (Ontario MP) (1894–1977), member of Canadian House of Commons, Lincoln electoral district

John Smith (Chief), 19th century Cree Chief and Treaty Six signatory; founder of the Muskoday First Nation in Saskatchewan

Cultural figures

John Berryman (1914–1972), originally John Allyn Smith, American poet

John Moyr Smith (1839–1912), British artist and designer

John Raphael Smith (1752–1812), English mezzotint engraver and painter

John Smith (actor) (1931–1995), American actor

John Smith (architect) (1781–1852), Scottish architect

John Smith (clockmaker) (1770–1814)

John Smith (comics), British comics writer

John Smith (English poet) (1662–1717), English poet and playwright

John Smith (filmmaker) (born 1952), avant-garde filmmaker

John Smith (poet) (born 1927), Canadian poet

John Stafford Smith (1750–1836), composer of the tune for “The Star-Spangled Banner”

John Mortimer Smith, real name of rapper and producer Lil Jon

Academic figures

John D. Smith, indologist at the University of Cambridge

John Smith (mathematician), mathematician at the University of Oxford, 1766–1797

John Smith (dentist) (1825–1910), founder of the Edinburgh school of Dentistry

John Alexander Smith (1863–1939), British Idealist philosopher

John Cyril Smith (1922–2003), leading authority on English Criminal Law

John Lawrence Smith (1818–83), American doctor and chemist. Past president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

John McGarvie Smith, Australian metallurgist and bacteriologist

John Smith (academic), Professor of languages at Dartmouth College

John H. Smith (mathematician), mathematician at Boston College

John Maynard Smith (1920–2004), geneticist

Sports figures

John L. Smith, former head football coach at Michigan State

John Smith (NL first baseman), first baseman in 1882

John Smith (AL first baseman), first baseman in 1931

John Smith (athlete) (born 1950), American sprint athlete

John Smith (shortstop), shortstop, 1873–1875

John Smith (footballer), (1939-1988), West Ham

John Smith (footballer born 1855), Scottish footballer of the 1870s and 1880s

John Smith (footballer born 1921), English footballer

John Smith (Gillingham F.C. player), footballer of the 1930s

John Smith (inside-left), English footballer

John T. Smith, American professional wrestler

John Smith (wrestler) (born 1965) American wrestler, two-time Olympic gold medalist

John Smith (American football), former New England Patriots kicker

John P. “Clipper” Smith, American football player

John Sidney Smith (rugby player), Wales rugby union international

John Smith (Lancashire and Yorkshire cricketer), cricketer

John Smith (Derbyshire cricketer)

Religious figures

John Smith (nephew of Joseph Smith, Jr.) (1832–1911), Presiding Patriarch of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

John Smith (uncle of Joseph Smith, Jr.) (1781–1854), Presiding Patriarch and member of the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

John Henry Smith (1848–1911), apostle in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

John Smith (Platonist) (1618–1652), one of the founders of the Cambridge Platonists

John Smith (missionary) (1790–1824), English missionary in the West Indies

Miscellaneous figures

John Douglas Smith, award-winning sound editor

John F. Smith, Jr. (born 1939), former chairman and chief executive officer, General Motors

John Lucian Smith (1914–1972), United States Marine Corps flying ace and Medal of Honor recipient

John Smith (BBC executive), chief executive officer, BBC Worldwide Ltd

John Smith (brewer) (died 1879), Tadcaster brewery founder in North Yorkshire, UK

John Smith (British Army officer) (1754–1837), soldier in the American Revolutionary War

John Smith (Medal of Honor recipient, 1880) (born 1854), United States Navy sailor

John Smith (Native American) (died 1922), Chippewa Indian reputed to have died at the age of 137

John Smith (private) (1822–1866), soldier in the 1st Madras (European) Fusillers and Indian Mutiny Victoria Cross recipient

John Smith (sergeant) (1814–1864), soldier in the Bengal Sappers and Miners, and Indian Mutiny Victoria Cross recipient

John Smith (murderer), convicted murderer who killed his first and second wives

John Smith of Jamestown (1580–1631), explorer

Fictional characters

Johnny Smith (Dead Zone), in various media

J. Wesley Smith, a character in cartoons of Burr Shafer

John Smith (Doctor Who), an alias of the Doctor in Doctor Who media

John Smith (Kyon), an alias of Kyon in novels and animations of Haruhi Suzumiya

John Smith (Disney), in 1990s Pocahontas animations

John “Hannibal” Smith, a character in The A-Team

Ode to J. Smith, the Travis album written about John Smith, the unknown everyday man, released 2008